I'm back!

Wow!!! What a week, I was out of town and then came back to a virus infected computer, it ws down for wnother week.

Here are some Greenhouse innards pics for you to see...the heat ducting...

My greenhouse is 1/2 planted, it felt sooo good to get my handsin the dirt.

This year I used "Sunshine" germinating mix, hopefully, this will work for me, and no more mixing myself.

My furnace is in and it works great. My DH made ducting out of plywood and it is wonderful(see above pics). All automatic. Planted tomatoes, Peppers, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kohlrabi and red and peach poppies...

the petunias, geraniums, and rest come next week.
tis good to get the nails dirty and feel the earth under them, they are washable, the sun has been wonderful...our snow is GONE!!!!
Outside I go....where does the garbage come from, under the snow, I think it grows....
Love to you all....

Cleaned up the tomatoe and pepper spot in the garden, tore up all of the old black mulch and drip(which was plugged), and am laying all new for this year, plus, extending it 12 more feet. My DD helped me plant and is welcoming the next planting, she says she LOVES to plant....great, I can then enjoy the GrandSweeties too....they painted(with markers, flourescent, highlighters) all of the boards in the Greenhouse, so(the 4 year old says), it wont be sooo plain.....they played in the soil and moved it all over...in the pots, what big helps, they filled more pots than I did I think!
the Marigold Seed giveaway is over, but, if you need to and are from MJs farm, please privately email me, from my email on MJs farm.
Happy Gardening!!!