Here is another link for the "Tipsy" planters,,,ENJOY!!!

Tipsy Pot Materials:
-1 pipe or strong wooden dowel long enough to fit through all the pots you want to stack (may have to do a few test assemblies to determine this) plus enough length to firmly hammer the pipe into the ground (about a foot for every 2-3 foot of height above ground).

I like to use scrap pieces of 1/2" copper pipe. For what you see here, I used a four feet pipe. The pipe/dowel has to fit through the hole in the bottom of the pots but be strong enough to support all the pots.

-any pots or outdoor-friendly containers with holes in the bottom. The hole doesn't have to be in the middle of the container but needs to be wide enough to fit the pipe/dowel through. I used my clay pots but think of the possibilities: old aluminum teapots, coffee pots, kettles, cooking pots....Anything you can drill a hole in if it doesn't have one already. The larger the pot, the better the 'tipsy' effect.

-soil and plants, or whatever you want to stick in the pots